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The Artisan Kitchen

The Artisan Kitchen is a cooperative and creative gourmet kitchen concept that fosters the imagination of some of the bay area's most inspired chefs. It is often very difficult for chefs in the bay area to find a reasonably priced, safe, clean, licensed facility to produce their fare. The Artisan Kitchen, a working commercial kitchen, provides this much-needed venue to new and seasoned chefs to produce what the bay area is best known for - it's eclectic and high quality food offerings. The artisan kitchen is available to caterers, private chefs, food photographers and other food connoisseurs for culinary instruction, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Dare to create the extraordinary

Introducing The Artisan Kitchen: A State of the Art Commercial Cooperative Kitchen available for daily, weekly and monthly rental for caterers and other food professionals in the bay area. This beautiful kitchen is environmentally designed and has:

• Great natural light
• State of the art appliances
• Over 4,000 square feet of prep and cooking space
• Multiple prep and cook areas
• Cold and dry storage available
• Parking for commercial trucks
• 2022 Kitchen Rate Sheet Available Upon request

.Part time & full time stations available 

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